Vip room

Unusual place, away from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, where in luxurious conditions you can select your dream jewellery. We are the only company in Poland to offer customers a unique opportunity of individual selecting the jewellery, away from the crowded shops, inquisitive passers-by and suspicious clerks.

Staviori VIP ROOM is a unique place where in relaxed atmosphere and absolute discretion, you can view selected jewellery designs, get professional advice, personalize your order, and pick up valuables.

Imagine you are choosing an engagement ring or a wedding anniversary diamond necklace for your wife in the mall, where through a shop window you are exposed to the sight of hundreds of passers-by. There is a big chance of ruining the surprise if one of the passers-by happens to be an acquaintance of the person you are going to give a gift to.

In Staviori VIP ROOM there is only you and your personal consultant, therefore any surprise is secure and so is your privacy, since nobody knows what and for how much you have purchased.

UK's VIP ROOM is not opened yet, we invite you to make secure Internet shopping in our online store.


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Staviori is primarily the first-class investment jewellery, precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and precious metals such as gold and silver. Moreover, our range includes engagement rings, wide range of gold and silver jewelery, investment diamonds and gold rings for any occasion. STAVIORI creates unique jewelry pieces to satisfy individual clients requests. Sophisticated design, excellent gold and carefully selected precious stones are the hallmark of the best Italian craftsmanship and timeless quality. Diamonds and other stones are micro-set which ensures outstanding durability and precision.