Ring sizes - CHART

How to define a ring size?

1. Measure the diameter of any other ring that fits a given finger. Read out the ring size that matches the diameter.

2.Measure a finger’s circumference. Read out the size matching the circumference.

Please remember that ring sizes are measured up to 1/10 of millimeter. So the difference between two adjacent sizes might be so small that insignificant and be in the measurement – ballpark.


8I 8 15,29 mm48 mm 0,602 in1,89 in
8,75J 15,49 mm48,7 mm 0,61 in1,92 in
9,255 9 15,70 mm49,3 mm 0,618 in1,94 in
10K 15,90 mm50 mm 0,626 in1,97 in
10,51016,10 mm50,60 mm 0,634 in1,99 in
11,25L 16,31 mm51,20 mm 0,642 in2,02 in
11,756 11 16,51 mm51,90 mm 0,65 in2,04 in
12,5M 12 16,71 mm52,50 mm 0,658 in2,07 in
13,2513 16,92 mm53,10 mm 0,666 in2,09 in
13,75N 17,12 mm53,80 mm 0,674 in2,14 in
14,507 14 17,32 mm54,40 mm 0,682 in2,12 in
15O 17,53 mm55,10 mm 0,69 in2,17 in
15,7515 17,73 mm55,70 mm 0,698 in2,19 in
16,25P 17,93 mm56,30 mm 0,706 in2,22 in
178 16 18,14 mm57,00 mm 0,714 in2,24 in
17,50Q 18,34 mm57,60mm 0,722 in2,27 in
18,2517 18,54 mm58,30 mm 0,73 in2,29 in


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