Unique Staviori packaging

Staviori jewellery is an exquisite gift perfectly suited to the style and character of the person for whom it is intended. It is always delivered to the customer in an elegant and original jewellery box.

To each jewellery box the customer receives special ribbon in a selected color. Ribbons color is selected in a basket when ordering.

How to make a perfect bow?

Staviori boxes for diamond jewellery.

Staviori boxes for gold and silver.

Ribbon colours:


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Staviori is primarily the first-class investment jewellery, precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and precious metals such as gold and silver. Moreover, our range includes engagement rings, wide range of gold and silver jewelery, investment diamonds and gold rings for any occasion. STAVIORI creates unique jewelry pieces to satisfy individual clients requests. Sophisticated design, excellent gold and carefully selected precious stones are the hallmark of the best Italian craftsmanship and timeless quality. Diamonds and other stones are micro-set which ensures outstanding durability and precision.