The Roman custom of giving an engagement ring to guarantee the completion of the contract of marriage has been legitimized by the church, and then, in the beginning of the 19th century, popularized. Medieval Italians honoured diamonds as a symbol of the engagement and harmony between husband and wife.

The perfect engagement ring is a single stone diamond ring. A classic example of such a ring is called chaton – simple and neat design with a single stone of any size in a delicate frame.

Ideal diamond is one that meets expectations of the buyer and the person to whom it is to be given. It is important to choose the right stone, in accordance with the “4Cs” criteria. Diamond’s size should be balanced with its quality; a happy medium is a diamond in colour H (white) and clarity Si (small inclusions invisible to the naked eye).


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Staviori is primarily the first-class investment jewellery, precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and precious metals such as gold and silver. Moreover, our range includes engagement rings, wide range of gold and silver jewelery, investment diamonds and gold rings for any occasion. STAVIORI creates unique jewelry pieces to satisfy individual clients requests. Sophisticated design, excellent gold and carefully selected precious stones are the hallmark of the best Italian craftsmanship and timeless quality. Diamonds and other stones are micro-set which ensures outstanding durability and precision.